Finding Kitchen Cabinet Styles

The cabinet style that you choose sets the tone for your entire kitchen. These focal points tell a story and reflect the spirit of your home. Are you a wholesome family with cozy, small town roots? Or are you the elegant and sophisticated type who is paving the way to a progressive world?

Whether you’re hosting tasteful mixers where intellectual conversations conspire, or passing down generations old recipes that call for lots of love and spoon licking, it’s important that you pick the perfect design.


Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary styles are known for their simplicity and functionality. These structures usually feature minimal ornamentation that lends a casual and familiar feel to any kitchen. Whether you go with craftsman, slab or shaker cabinets, there are several different ways to customize this classic look with designs that fit any budget.

Flat surfaces with standard panels and understated hardware put a spotlight on quality construction and a beautiful wood paint or finish, making this the perfect foundation for any space. Accent a unique backsplash or focal granite piece with this effortless style.

Beautiful kitchen hoods will shine with this pairing and glass-front cabinets are a great way to compliment this conventional tone while keeping a clean-cut presence.


Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern designs transform the feel of your space and create a civilized and polished atmosphere. The beauty of this style is in the simplicity. It doesn’t try too hard, yet somehow indicates a sense of authority.

There are many benefits to having this type of cabinet in your home. For one, the flat surface is incredibly easy to clean, since there are no intricate designs or inverted panel corners where food and dust can gather. Additionally, these structures require little to no molding, so they provide a larger amount of space than alternative styles.

Though the biggest perk of all, perhaps, is the price point. The materials used to construct these units often consist of manmade items such as metal, plastic or manufactured wood. Sleek finishes such as these are nicely highlighted by any range of wooden hues or neutral colors like white and slate gray. There’s no better way to complete your trendy space.


Traditional Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional cabinets are the holy grail of all design. These often-ostentatious styles boast elaborate and delicate details that give character to any kitchen. This is by far the most customizable type of product that we offer. Featuring a range of raised and inverted panel doors as well as bead-board designs, any of our selections will bring your space to life.

Create a cozy atmosphere with our charming country genres, or dive deep into an inviting rustic world of unfinished wood with its patterns and knots still intact. The opportunity for individuality is endless. This is the perfect route for those who want to experiment with unique colors and composition.

Traditional styles are sure to bring magnificence to any space. If you’re more on the imaginative side, this may be the right fit for you!

Our Kitchen Remodeling Process

At Savona Design, we offer the most versatile and up-to-date accessories for your kitchen. Our Central New Jersey residents are always eager to discuss their remodel vision with our experts— and we’re happy to do the heavy lifting!

Here’s how our process works:

01. Educate

Talk to one of our experienced designers about your ideas for your new kitchen. We’ll give you our expert advise and give suggestions based on your preferences!

02. Discover

After the initial meeting, we’ll get together to help you discover your options. We’ll take you through your cabinet options, countertops, tiles, flooring and more! And of course, we always make sure to stay on your budget.

03. Design

Once you’ve picked out your new kitchen color and aesthetic, it’s time for the fun part— the design! Our experts will lay out the perfect floor plan for your kitchen remodel.

04. Build

Once everything is in order, our professional installation team will start to build your new kitchen. Our team uses only the best quality materials so your kitchen will be done right the first time.

05. Enjoy

And the last step of Savona Design’s kitchen remodeling process is for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your new space! If you find any issues after this point, we will be happy to help you resolve them.

Kitchen Remodeling Products

From backsplash and lightning to center islands and family seating, nothing is off limits for your new kitchen remodel. We can even help you coordinate a complete remodel which might require knocking down walls or installing tiles/flooring. If you want new kitchen cabinets or countertops Savona Design will guide you throughout your kitchen remodeling journey. We can even help you pick out some fresh new colors to go with your complete kitchen remodel!

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